About Music Grounded

Vinyl addict, Music passionate, newbie Blogger and Radio wonderer @NovaFm106 every Monday 21:00-23:00 (GMT+3)

My father! That was the person responsible for my addiction to music.
Actually, he paved the way and the rest of it came like a tidal wave when I started working in the record department of a multi-store.

That’s how I made my -unconscious by that time- dream come true.
Now that I’m thinking of it again, it’s like the universe orchestrated and set me this absolutely wonderful, artistic trap.

Some radio shows on an illegal radio station -at first, Dj sets in the local bars and a handful of records later, here I am babbling about it again!

We all have a place to calm and stay with your thoughts, mine is music.
After all, it’s the only way to keep it sane!