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I’ve been writing, reviewing, and tweaking this article for a long time now, but never had enough time to come to a desirable result until now, I guess. A lot has happened during my absence from the blog, not only on a personal level but also on a community scale, worldwide.

It has passed another year of massive lockdowns around the world -especially on the western world countries, where I could speak of with some certainty- and luckily another year with monumental music releases.

About the album and more

Such as Discodor debut album. Discodor is the brainchild of Lee Skelly, British multi-instrumentalist and session musician, and Pierre Duplan, French producer and sound engineer. From the moment I found out about them, through Brother Lee’s posts on Instagram, I was instantly captivated by the lush arrangements and their moving sound.

Discodor Singles
The Arrangement and Quattro EP

The psychedelic – groovy musicianship of Skelly, meets the mellifluent production of Duplan as they sculpt a totally new scape from one single (Arrangement EP – 2019) to another (Quattro EP – 2020), bringing the library music in the foreground and flirting intensively with a cinematic emanation.

Their debut album, released earlier in 2021 -always on Wonderfulsound- keeps those qualities while they enrich the smooth exotic jazz chillness with a lazy, melancholic French touch, wrapped in 70’s space-age synth atmospheres.

I love the way the album flourishes as it develops, bringing together the twisted funky beat of Jean-Claude Vannier (whether producing Serge or on his personal works), the sharp tenderness in arrangements of David Axelrod, and the exceptional compositions of Roy Budd.

Discodor is a masterfully crafted album, out of two impressive devotees that Skelly and Duplan are.

That’s what the press release mentions:

“French studio genius Pierre Duplan (The Kramford Look) & multi-instrumentalist Lee Skelly (Shawn Lee Ping Pong’s Orchestra) dive deeper into their obsession with instrumental grooves. Here they present stunning new material making full use of their weird and wonderful collection of musty old gear.

Escapism never felt this good!”

One of the best albums I listened to, so far (still relevant as we getting near the Best Albums of 2021)!

I’ve pleasantly discovered that Lee was more than active -I mean apart from Discodor’s album release- the last months, since he has released a handful of singles and EP’s (under aliases of Earl Natty and The Downtown Laundry Band) along with his debut as Brother Lee, all under the label Dime Records.

Worth your time and your money, totally!


  • Ocean Psychologique
  • Ronda Roma
  • Black Sphere
  • The Rain Is Blue
  • Bonjour Capitaine!
  • Ascension
  • To Drift Like Stars
  • By The River

Get it, here

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