One of the most exciting albums I’ve listened to in 2020 was Far Out by a Greek (Athens) band called MitsoGusto. You can read more about that here.

I’ve contacted them and had a little talk about everything around their name, the gear they use, and where they seek inspiration. Are you eager to discover who they are? Please read up…

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1) Hello guys, please introduce yourselves.
Hello, we are Mitso Gusto!

2) Where does MitsoGusto comes from, what inspired the name?
It’s not very complex, really, our real names are Mitsos and Gustav

3) Your debut album was received with excitement, what was the inspiration during the making?
The project hails from our time spent hanging out in the studio with a bunch of analog gear and having a lot of fun through creating.
So it’s a studio-sandbox project really and the resulting material is all the nice bits we ended up with and expanded on.

A lot of the instrumentation had been done by us, unattached to MitsoGusto and before its conception.
Production work we did in our spare time for our own ears. But then, when we played this stuff to one another we really dug each other’s sound and decided to combine it.

4) I loved the analog feeling of the sound I received from listening to your record. Are you into that kind of production or was it one-off experimentation?
Thanks, we love it too! It’s a sound we are crazy about, it’s not the only way we produce in general but it’s a philosophy/method we really enjoy.
The drums and basses are all real, so that’s a good foundation for a natural-sounding track.

We’ve also used analog synths and keyboards, among other instruments and they were all recorded through nice classic mics, a lot of analog outboard gear and a lot of the effects were overdubbed with outboard gear also.
In the end, it all went through a stereo tape machine, the Revox A77 KmII. We strive to avoid post-production to nail the tones, so the gear played a big part in this and we also had a lot of fun.

5) In the press release of your album, you listed Malcom Catto, Madlib, and Scotty Hard among your inspirations. Name some more artists that shaped your taste. Is there a possible prospect of collaboration with any of them?
Medeski, Martin and Wood, Natureboy Flako, BBNG, Clutchy Hopkins, The Gaslamp Killer, and Russell Elevado among others. Elevado is an amazing mixing engineer that has contributed to a lot of music we really enjoy.
We would be thrilled if we got the chance to record at Malcom Catto’s studio.

6) What’s the most exciting part of making an album?
After having the pleasure of getting those tasty tones down, that’s when we get to our favorite part, mixing! Sculpting what the final product will be.
Getting the ambience right, saturation, shaping the sound as a whole, and enhancing the material.

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7) Is there a place for politics in your music? Are you affected by the things happening around us, on a sociopolitical level, and is it translated into music somehow?
We keep them separated, music works on a different plane for us. It’s parallel to reality, it’s time we spend apart of our external circumstances. Where we play and express ourselves. Naturally, not completely separate though, we live in an intense time.

8) You’re also running your own label, is that right? What’s the mindset behind that?
Yes, that’s right, Fortune Cut Records! We spent last year preparing for the release of an album that is quite a big deal for us, it’s not out yet.

We are both members of a 5-piece hip-hop band named Bangies, it’s our upcoming album. The other members are also active as producers and musicians and between the 5 of us, there’s always a lot going on creatively.

So we realized that we have music coming out pretty consistently and that we ought to make the most out of releasing it. It’s a real shame when musicians get overwhelmed and stuck at the end of the process of producing their work. Releasing.

We’ve had these troubles many times, and decided to try to understand the process and wield it to our advantage. Equally driving are the prospects of our work getting more exposure, fans and collaborators.

Connecting with other artists and fans is our main goal and pleasure, it gives a lot more meaning to the process and to life in general.

9) The album has been released only on vinyl format. Are you also vinyl collectors? Is it a trend that will pass eventually or a thing that came back for good?
Yes, we love vinyl as an item and as a reproduction medium. An LP is like a piece of art. The large size, the packaging, the actual disc, it’s pretty “real”. We have a few vinyl.

The revival might have come back along with a retro-renaissance in modern culture, but we think and hope, enough people appreciate it to extend its life-span yet.

10) What’s the most exciting music you listened to recently (top 10) and your all-time favourite albums?

Top 10 of recent
Floating Points – Crush
El Michels Affair – Adult Themes
Nu Guinea – Nuova Napoli
Mac DeMarco – Here comes the Cowboy
Rejoicer – Spiritual Sleaze
Surprise Chef – All News is Good News
Clever Austin – Paraedolia
Tyler the Creator – Flowerboy
Azymuth – Jazz is dead 004

Favourite albums of all time

Madlib – Shades of Blue
Clutchy Hopkins – Walking Sdrawkcab

11) Are there any post-covid19 plans for gigs etc.
Not sure about gigs, we’re still creating in the studio.

12) What are your future plans?
We’re keeping busy! We will be releasing a new single very soon. It will be the first out of a series of new tracks that will comprise an EP in the near future. After that’s done we’ll start working on another full-length album. We’re really excited to share all this new stuff!

13) Ok, time for some fun! Choose what would the perfect place to be:
Back in the late 60’s – early ’70s, on a studio with The United States Of America band tweaking the mixing console and recording with them?
Late ’70s drinking beers in Berlin, along with Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Brian Eno.
Early ’90s in England, witnessing the rise of the rave/breakbeat scene and being part of it.
Right here, right now messing around with your stuff.
Probably the last one…

14) It’s been a pleasure talking to you guys, thank you so much!
The pleasure it’s all ours, really enjoy sitting down and talk with you!

Find out more about Mitsogusto and Fortune Cut Records.

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