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Isn’t it wonderful when the music gives the mind the opportunity to travel and visit places?
Minutes after midninght wandering around the calm medival streets of old town of Utrecht. The peacefulness of the city at that time helps me clear my mind and enjoy the music that plays in my ears.
Bennu, the opening track of Teegarden, debut album of Kepler is free, makes the scenery considerably more obscure and cinematic.

That’s the very first impression I got from their music, along with the sense of a familiarity in their sound. A familiarity that can also be found on bands like Mammal Hands, BadBadNotGood, Gogo Penguin or Matthew Halsall, something that indicates nothing less than the majesty of music soothing your soul.

When five people joined forces and inspirations, Kepler is free was created. Sokratis Tsentoglou (drums), George Migdanis (electric guitar), Nikiforos Nugent (keyboards), Spyros Z
ardas (trumpet) and Vasilis Alexopoulos (bass guitar), are behind the band and came together to create genuine compisitions that brakes the barriers of genres.

The Kepler is free name was inspired
by a retired space telescope launched by NASA to discover planets on the same size as Earth, orbiting other stars. That telescope was named after astronomer Johannes Kepler and
after nine years of operation, scientists announced its retirement in 2018, leaving it orbiting in space, which is why the members of the band interpreted it as now “Free”.

Teegarden consists of 5 tracks that brings together soul-jazz, contemporary jazz, hip hop and experimental electronica parts, to shape that interesting amalgamation that describes the album in its entirety.

Kepler Is Free

1) Bennu
2) Teegarden b
3) Habitable zone
4) Cluster 3
5) Juno ft. Kalli

It’s -mostly- an instrumental record and only in the last track -Juno- is complimented by the vocal parts of Kalli. Juno is highly influenced by hip hop but also gives a sense of mystery, probably because of the gloomy trumpet part, the dark atmosphere created by Migdanis guitar and the cabaret-style performance of Kalli.

I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical about Teegarden because of the unspecified resemblance with something else that was keen to my ear, as I mentioned earlier. However my disbelief quickly subsided as their soundscapes started to positively affect me to the point of daydreaming.

Teegarden is an excellent album that can’t be ignored and Kepler is free a band that cannot be overlooked!

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