The rich musical history of Italy goes back many years, therefore we will focus on contemporary history by presenting Calibro 35 tribute while we unfold some thoughts around this great cinematic psychedelic funk band that began its career 13 years ago in Milan and released their seventh album earlier this year.

Making of Momentum

The legend goes like that!

In the summer of 2007, the producer Tommaso Colliva and the guitarist Massimo Martellotta to invited the multi-organist and founding member of the band Maripos (among others) Enrico Gabrielli, the bassist of the band Hellish and later of Zeus !, Luca “Nano” Cavina and the drummer of alternative old-rockers, Afterhours and the band I Hate My Village, Fabio Rondanini, in a recording session of controversial exploitation Italian film takes, a process that would be completed -allegedly- in five days.

The chemistry that developed between the members was impressive, and the time-limit of five days broke leading to extensive rehearsals and
their first tour, after a few months. After that, their first self-titled album (Calibro 35 – 2008), which included reconstructions of Italian films by composers such as Morricone, Bacalov, Micalizzi and Trovajoli, plus 2 original compositions of the band, has been released.

A raw, strong and pulsating with a punk attitude -at times- are some of the elements that made us fall in love with them. How about some unadulterated and dirty funk, guys?

The success of their debut was immediate and absolute, while their explosive live performances in Italy, Europe and later in America added extra points to their legend.

The return happened in 2010 with the Ritornano Quelli Di
Calibro 35, presenting several new compositions, but also adaptations of existing themes, to use as a background music of a Eurocrime documentary. On their 3rd album entitled Ogni riferimento a persone esistenti oa fatti realmente accaduti è puramente, released in 2012, their sound mark is ubiquitous however they tend to be more emotional.

Calibro 35 are deeply connected to film music. It’s what brought them together in the first place, with Colliva acting as their cohesive substance. They never lost that quality. On Traditori Di Tutti (2013), the first album featuring genuine music by them, without any adaptation of well-known themes, a tactic followed on previous records. The album takes its name from the mystery novel of the same name, by the author Giorgio Scerbanenco. Funky beat, fuzzy guitars, pure groove and a touch of Morricone, Bacalov and Goblin!

A little earlier though, they composed some more music scores, for the movies Said (2013) and Sogni di Gloria (2014), with their sound firmly oriented around cinematic funk balancing between progressive rock and psychedelia

S.P.A.C.E. (2015 album) takes the psychedelic funk we used to and turns it to the cosmos, setting as a point of reference an imaginary science fiction film by Sergio Leone!
Let yourself flow in the space funk cloud made of synths and atmospheric, psychedelic Afrobeat. Put on your space suits and leave the rest to the Milanese dudes.

With their sixth album, the band celebrates 10 years of record activity.
Decade (2018) has been recorded by the band with an orchestral-inspired enlarged line-up that features horns, strings and percussions, something that was attempted for the first time. The love and respect for the classical Italian composers has been fully realized by the band here, making it a successful experimentation, in my humble opinion!

Momentum has been released earlier this year and it “represents a look at nowadays and a reflection about making music right in the time that we’re living” according to the band.
The extensive use of synths and keyboards by the master Martellotta and the complexity of their compositions, gives another interesting dimension to their sound.

Calibro 35 is a great band, hands down and Momentum is the first taste of what is to follow in the next ten years of the band, presenting the progress of their sound and their qualities.

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