Who wants some raw violent drum breaks, dirty analog synths in a cinematic atmosphere, and all that wrapped in a psychedelic packaging?
Wait, that’s my cup of tea for sure!

I love it when a band bases their sound on a hard-hitting drum backbone, blending it with straight melodies and the result sounds so far-out of this world, in a space-age kind of trip to the past.

Mitsogusto hails from Athens, Greece and it’s the best thing of 2020, in my humble opinion.
Their debut album is called Far Out, it has been released by Fortune Cut Records and consists of 9 tracks, as seen below:

1. Invasion
2. W.O.T.T.
3. Portamento
4. Heavy Smoke
5. Offset
6. Lookingforthebinary
7. Passingmeby
8. PyroCb
9. Landing

Their degenerated music is -mostly- instrumental, appart from some sampled voices and it draws equally and blurring the lines between funk, jazz, electronica, and -of course- psych, reconstructing shapes and forms in a much more fluid way that captivates you instantly.

It’s been a long time since something like that crossed ways with me. Well balanced melodies putting together jazz-funk, 70’s horror library-ish essence, nested in synth-dizzy soundscapes and passionately executed by the mysterious MitsoGusto.
Malcom Catto’s syncopated drum playing is highly praised along the way and MRR-ADM or -most recently- Drumetrics’ production could be listed in their inspirations, as far as I can tell.

There are also dark and dirty themes swirling here, probably provoked by the restlessness and uncertainty of the recent months and the alarming situation we lived and still trying to cope with. However, the band came up with the best way to face such things and that’s none other than creativity.

It came to my attention that they already have a new song ready and are already working on new ideas, which is great and fills me with great anticipation.
Until then, I unstoppably spin Far Out vinyl!

Support the band, buy the digital album here

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