S&B’s – Torpedoes Video launch Interview

Socks and Ballerinas - Torpedoes video

Almost a year ago I conducted an interview with an amazing new band, Socks and Ballerinas (S&B’s), talking about their debut album Soap! among other things.

We’re back with a Torpedoes Video launch Interview meaning that upon the release of their first-ever video clip for the “Torpedoes” track and the launch of their website, we’ve got in touch again and had a little talk.


Torpedoes video

Music Grounded: Hey pals, how are you holding with this coronavirus? I remember us talking about gigs regarding your album promotion and things got a bit derailed. What’re your updated plans now?

Socks and Ballerinas: Hey there! We were planning some sort of European tour, but as you can imagine the virus changed everything… So the plan at the moment is to focus on writing new wacky material!

We have lots of new ideas, new toys, and new fun weird vibes, we can’t wait to share more!

MG: After your amazing debut album, you’re back with your first video. What I really loved in that is the aesthetics that shares with the album cover art. Is there any secret you’d like to share about the making of it?

SAB: 50% of our band (Leo) works in the art industry, which allows us to keep a consistent style, combined with the amazing Riho Kroll as director.

We had incredible fun in the making of the video and most of the scenes are improvised on the spot! The blue elephant didn’t enjoy it much… but as a good actor, he kept going.

MG: Along with the first video you launched your website too. Should I go check it or will I find socks and other weird stuff thrown around?

SAB: You should, but you’ll also find stuff thrown around. No penguins were harmed in the making of the website.

MG: Was there quarantine or other safety measures in Finland? How does that make you feel regarding your personal life and of course your musicianship? Did it inspire you in a way?

SAB: We had no strict quarantine, but all gatherings, venues, and festivals are still closed. We avoided going out and applied social distancing as much as we could.

In these dark times it was at least a comic relief to see so much talking about soap and pretending that people were actually talking about our album…

MG: What should we expect from S&B’s future? I mean a bird told me you’re working on new material. Will there be more of your energetic plinky plonk tracks with weird names then?

SAB: We’re trying some pretty new vibes while keeping our character in there… hopefully you’ll hear more next year??

MG: Wish you good luck with all your plans and remember, I’m eager to find out what happened “on Sunday” with your “sister that lives in Glasgow” and of course I expect to “tip me over” about “saucers”, “torpedoes” and “elevators”…?

SAB: We keep dreaming of “muscle monsters” while drinking “milk 43” seasoned with “chemical”…. can’t say much more!!
We are grateful for all the wishes and support, both from you and from our listeners!

Wash your hands, dance at home, make prank calls to pass the time and stay safe!

Cheers Leo and Katy!
I hope you all enjoyed the Torpedoes Video launch Interview. Support the band, go get their album now!

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