I love when bands are covered in mystery, even today that -almost- everything is so much digitized and socialized! The Natural Yogurt Band is a typical example of that, for 12 years now.

I know that you’ll think, where does the mystery lie, though?
Behind some simple but crucial questions. Where does this Natural Yogurt come from and what does it taste like?
Let’s see if we can shed some light on that mystery, shall we?

Miles Newbold and Wayne Fullwood, bandmates on Little Barrie, decided to jam together on stuff that would later be TNYB.

Newbold is on keys (Hammond, Moog, Wurlitzer, etc.), flute, or whatever instrument is needed, to accomplish his compositions. On the other corner, Fullwood fills in the backbone of those compositions with his drum and bass playing.

Away With Melancholy, original cover

Jamming took place in “chicken shack”, the studio Newbold’s running in Nottingham and led to their debut album, “Away With Melancholy” in 2008.
In there, Newbold expresses his love for jazz, library, and folk throughout the tracks he wrote. Fullwood syncopated drum playing deceives the audience and gives a sense of heavy sample use while it’s all played live. There’s also a story behind that, as Gerald Short (Jazzman) also thought it was a sampled based record the first time he listened to the record!

The psychedelic feeling you get on each spin of it is enriched by the mysterious Victorian-style cover of Newbold and Fullwood dressed as Sherlock and Dr. Watson!

2019 Album – Braille
Tuck In With…

Following their debut, two years later, “Tuck In With…” released by Egon Alapatt of Now Again Records, along with a repress of “Away With Melancholy”. A clever movement to expand their distribution and reputation in the USA.
Newbold passion for artists like Galt MacDermot, David Axelrod, and Ennio Morricone is the inspiration of their second album, always supervised by Jazzman.
It’s exciting how familiar and simple their compositions sound, yet so nostalgic and infectious.

The Sign of Four – Hammer album

The following years found Newbold focused on his other studio works. It’s around there that “The Sign of Four” has been realized (another nod to Arthur Conan Doyle, right).
“Through evoking spaced-out vibes and creating swirling jungle of palpitations” comes the instrumental chaos of “Hammer, Anvil and Stirrup” in 2013.

After some years of calm -until 2017- and during his aural expanding towards the cosmos, his new singles were a much-needed addition.
“The 13 Moons of Neptune” is a stellar rhapsody explained through a comic strip and a video clip.

TNYB comeback EP’s
The 13 Moons Of Neptune (2017) and Spectral Flux (2018)
Latest album – Braille, Slate and Stylus (2019)

While the interplanetary odyssey continues in Spectral Flux single, a year later. 4 cosmic futuristic jazz tracks that pave the way to last year’s (2019) new album.
“Braille, Slate and Stylus” is full of funky melodies in smooth jazz, library-esque atmosphere, with an intense presence of African rhythmology on drums, played by Neil Tolliday. It was released by the french label Black Milk Music as with the previous EP’s!

In conclusion, their latest output is a brilliantly articulated heavy psychedelic record that widens the cosmic world and helps them form their view of contemporary jazz today.

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