Day To Day
Sarathy Korwar Tribute
Korwar’s debut album, Day To Day (2016)

It was just 3 years ago (2016) when percussionist Sarathy Korwar’s debut album Day To Day released, with the assistance of Steve Reid Foundation. It was Korwar’s dream-come-true to bring together the heritage of Siddi (ethnic group inhabiting India and Pakistan descended from the Bantu peoples of the East African region) with contemporary jazz and electronic music.

An attempt that embraced by both the music lovers all over and individuals of the likes of Four Tet and Gilles Peterson who back him (Korwar) with a mentorship program of Steve Reid Foundation, a charitable organization that encourages people to continue their passion for music.

ARE Project
Sarathy Korwar Tribute
A.R.E. Project (2017)

After his first album completion, he collaborated with some of the hottest names of the music industry, right now. “A.R.E. Project” (abbreviated from “Association For Research & Enlightenment Project”) along with Shabaka Hutchings and Jamal R. Moss (Hieroglyphic Being), Ill Considered and Kamashi Washington, just to name a few.

Upaj Collective - My East Is your West
Sarathy Korwar Tribute
Upaj Collective – My East is Your West (2018)

Additional to that, he leads Upaj Collective. A group that performs compositions by jazz musicians such as Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sander, and Joe Henderson as well as Indian classical music and Indo Jazz, recorded live and released in the 2018 album, My East Is Your West.

All that leads to his latest release, More Arriving, earlier this year. The new album places, so-called, brown jazz again on board, revealing the wide range of Korwars contemporary music palette.

More Arriving
Sarathy Korwar Tribute
More Arriving (2019)

On a compositional level now, the philosophy of Indian classical music, with traces of Korwars jazz spirit, remains in More Arriving, with the interesting addition of the rising MC scene of Bombay and New Delhi.

The pluralistic, embossed narrative about the lives of immigrants and the problems they face, makes More Arriving a straightforward political record with a loud and clear voice. An artistic expression of an Indian, in Britain of Brexit, in a state of intolerance, political terrorism, and cultivated instability. It’s a record we all need to contemplate.

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